Thursday, October 28, 2010 your e-copy of YA2010 Notice of Assessment on myTax Portal. Launch of new e-Stamping website. e-Stamping is now available to everyone. Stamp duty payment via e-NETS is now. Tips on e-Filing. Frequently Asked Questions. Individual Income Tax Information. For Locals (employees, contract staff, pensioners, working overseas...) has one IP number (, which is the same as for, but the reverse is point to the same IP.

We do not know the type of content either, so only click "YES" if you are certain it is a clean site and you are of legal age. Continue to ? IRAS.GOV.SG : - 57 in TOP 100 ACCOUNTING SITES : Updated Sun, September 6, 2009. Q1. What are unclaimed tax refunds? Q2. How can I submit a claim for refund? Q3. How can I receive my refunds? Q4. Can I receive a cash cheque as I do not have any bank account in. GST registration, GST returns, Apply for GST Number, Register for G.S.T, gst tax,

... 23% of all Internet users when entering site's address in their browsers add the prefix www to the domain name (for example, when trying to enter type Oct 19, 2010. Website of Singapore's tax authorities; includes information on taxation, services, and downloadable forms. Can deduct 100% my current house rental? (I know U….

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